About Me

Passionate about classic furniture design offering my clients good design for the right price


Surrey, England

I have been in the furniture design business for over 27 years and have built a knowledge of what works well in all styles of homes. I also have enough experience to know that every single client I work with have their own design goals. My skills lie in listening to these goals and then producing an elegant design that works with your space and budget.
If you are working in a new build or large re-refurbishment project then working within your builders and architects time frame is also incredibly important too if the project is going to be successful
If you choose to work with me then you are tapping into the years of experience I have working on projects just like yours!


One off Furniture Pieces

This includes wardrobes, kitchens, bookcases and free standing furniture

Design Projects

This includes, houses, extensions and other large housing projects.